How our services work

What happens when your customer needs support?

Service Calls

Service Call is handled as follows :

  • Manufacturer/Supplier forwards Service Call to DTS via phone, fax or e-mail.
  • Service call is logged on to the DTS database and passed on to appropriate Engineer.
  • Engineer contacts customer to arrange time of call.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier is updated as required.
  • Call completed and signed Field Service Report submitted to DTS Admin team
  • Service Reports are invoice and passed on to the manufacturer/supplier on a weekly basis.

Complete Transparency

Our service log package allow our customers to login and see;

  • The status of all jobs and who it is assigned to
  • All job information
  • Inventory currently in our warehouse
  • Parts used for each job
  • Available on Browser, iOS or Android

This software allows DTS Q-Tech to become an extension of your business, allowing clients to keep in touch with their business.

Our promise

We provide a guarantee of service performance so your equipment operates to manufacturers specifications and buyers satisfaction.

We make the commitment to provide adequate resources in house, including manpower, test equipment, factory training and a fully equipped facility.